Kizomba Ladies Movement Dance Class

By Kizomba Alegria (other events)

Monday, July 16 2018 8:00 PM 9:00 PM

Cost: $12
Date: Monday, July 16, 8-9pm

Following in Kizomba is a skill! The goal for these classes is to teach ladies PRACTICAL skills of following, NOT a canned choreography that can be fun but most likely will not be used in your social dancing.
We focus on body movement, following techniques and some styling options to embelish the dance with our unique flavor ("ginga") without impeding the lead! Each monthly workshop is different and focuses on different elements of kizomba/semba dancing.
The workshop is "judgement free zone" for ladies only and is open to anyone interested in improving their confidence on the dance floor! No Dance Experience Required. Ladies, INVITE YOUR GIRLFRIENDS! Let's have fun together!

Instructor biography:

Veronika Robinson, originally from Belarus, discovered the world of dancing in 2011 when she decided to take her first salsa class in Charlotte, NC. Her love of dancing and exploring different cultures brought her to discover Kizomba in summer of 2014. After her first Kizomba workshop with Kizomba RDU, she went on to receive more training attending different Kizomba festivals around the US, including Washington DC, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, etc. Her dance style has been influenced by different Kizomba instructors including training with Oscar BA, David Campos and Guida Rei, Eddy Vents and Lucia Noguiera, and Brinca (TBoy and Ashby). She has completed over 40 hours of intensive kizomba instructor training with Lucia Noguera (Portugal).
Since March of 2015, Veronika has been co-teaching weekly classes locally in Charlotte, as well doing workshops at local Charlotte and Atlanta kizomba dance festivals in "Kizomba Charlotte", one of the first kizomba schools in the area. July of 2017, Veronika went on to establish “Kizomba Alegria Dance Company” where she teaches weekly classes and does bi-weekly dance social events to promote kizomba dance culture in Charlotte and surrounding areas.
Veronika is also the co-founder and organizer of “Kizomba Open Air” initiative – free outdoor kizomba dance events in Charlotte. She got the idea after she visited Minsk, Belarus and saw local kizomba community of dancers there dancing outside in local parks and plazas.
Currently, Veronika and “Kizomba Alegria Dance Company” are committed to promoting Angolan style of kizomba dancing in hopes to preserve and educate more people about the beautiful culture and African roots of Kizomba/Semba dancing.

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NO stilletto heels. Dress code: comfortable for walking/movement